Not in Our TOWN!

Vote Bully Buster


          Workplace bullying is when a person or group of people in a workplace single out another person for unreasonable, embarrassing, or intimidating treatment. Usually the bully is a person in a position in authority who feels threatened by the victim, but in some cases the bully is a co-worker who is insecure or immature. Workplace bullying can be the result of a single individual acting as a bully or of a company culture that allows or even encourages this kind of negative behavior. Workplace bullying can take many forms: Shouting or swearing at an employee or otherwise verbally abusing him or her. One employee being singled out for unjustified criticism or blame. An employee being excluded from company activities or having his or her work or contributions purposefully ignored. Language or actions that embarrass or humiliate an employee. Practical jokes, especially if they occur repeatedly to the same person. There are also some things that are usually not considered workplace bullying: A manager who shouts at or criticizes all of his or her employees for example. 

         Statistics show 1 in 6 Americans experience some form of workplace bullying. Mr. Brown feels that this is a major issue, and plans on marching soon to pressure the vote on healthy workplace bill. The bill has already been presented but not voted on yet. Help us by signing our workplace bullying petition, or getting in touch with us to march with us. Stop workplace bullying now! Vote bully buster Brown!

* We had to postpone our historic 40 mile walk on behalf of the Healthy Workplace Bill; As publicized in the New York Times, we were going to walk to deliver 3,000 signatures on petitions to the two State Senate Leaders, Dean Skelos and Jeffery Klein. Mr. Brown would walk non-stop from Skelos' office to Klein's office--a distance close to 40 miles. Skelos, Klein, and Gov Cuomo left for Israel on Monday August 11, forcing us to postpone our walk until Monday September 1st.